Coaching Programme

The Real Life Makeover

Are you feeling stuck in your life and need a change? It's time to discover your true purpose with The Real Life Makeover.

Starting from the ground up, we'll work to discover a unique insight into who you are.

By pointing out your strengths and fine-tuning any weaknesses, The Real Life Makeover coaching programme will give you the tools you need to develop a happy, healthy, and authentic version of you.

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Accelerate Your Success

Are you happy in your career? Do you dream of bigger and better, but don't know how to
get it? If so, it's time to Accelerate Your Success.

Based on unique insights of 25 years in the corporate world, Accelerate Your Success will enable you to communicate effectively, getting the success you deserve.

Wherever you are in your career, now is the time to make it happen!

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Boost Your Confidence And Self-Worth

Do you struggle with confidence? Are you plagued with self-doubt? Now is the time to stop these thoughts in their tracks with Paula "Boost Your Confidence" And Self Worth programme.

Thousands of people struggle with self-confidence and low self-esteem. But, with the right coaching, you can improve your confidence and self-worth and watch it soar.

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Enjoy A Happier Work/Life Balance

Does the switch between your work and home life appear as one big blur? If so, you likely are feeling drained and unsatisfied in both.

Enjoy A Happier Work/Life Balance will allow you to enjoy your job and feel fulfilled at work without compromising your time with your loved ones. Or most importantly, your health!

Discover and implement the type of work/life balance you have always wanted.

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Learn How To Have A Happy Relationship

Are you settling for what you have rather than creating a fantastic, intimate loving, trusted relationship that brings you joy? If so, then a complete reset is in order.

Discover a new way of being in love by improving your communication skills.

Great relationships take work, and they start with you and your happiness.

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Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety? Do you always feel on edge? Do you have too much stress in your life?

When we are in high states of alert either from anxiety or stress, our bodies are unable to function correctly. Increased levels of cortisol can impair both our physical and mental functioning.

Paula's Reduce Stress And Anxiety coaching programme will teach you techniques and strategies that can bring you increased feelings of calm, peace, and empowerment.

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Improve Your Sleep

How much sleep are you getting at night? Do you feel restful when you wake up, ready to take on the day? Scientific research tells us that human beings (on average) need between seven and eight hours every night.

There could be many reasons why you aren't getting the sleep you need. Sleep is integral to our physical and mental health, so yours must be up to scratch!

There are numerous benefits to a good night's sleep. Paula is there to get you back on track with her Improve Your Sleep coaching programme.

Want to learn more? Book a free consultation with Paula today.

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Make Your Life Easier

Are there several things that get in the way of your happiness? Are there things that keep coming up for you that throw a spanner in the works or lead you down a path that isn't healthy for you?

Work with Paula and learn how to handle or solve some of the challenges that life throws up. There is nothing we can't solve together.

I will teach you how to manage your life in a way which allows you to be resourceful, pragmatic and hopeful.

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